An overview of funding, biobanks, and networks for ME/CFS scientists

The European ME Coalition (EMEC) published an international overview of funding sources, biobanks and networks for scientists who are interested in studying myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Worldwide there is a dire shortage of funding opportunities for ME/CFS research. We hope, however, that this summary will facilitate the search for useful resources and that itContinue reading “An overview of funding, biobanks, and networks for ME/CFS scientists”

Evelien responds to the EU Commission

On 18 August, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel responded to questions raised by Member of Parliament Jordi CaƱas regarding the recent ME/CFS resolution. Unfortunately, the answer, provided on behalf of the European Commission, does not acknowledge the underfunding of ME/CFS research in Europe nor does it propose new initiatives to address this urgent problem. Evelien Van DenContinue reading “Evelien responds to the EU Commission”